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 “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”  - Stephen Hawking 

Study reveals 80% users use only 40% of offered product & service features. 

We offer affordable research for small to medium business to realize their potential & to unlock utilization with specialized quality research 


We work with business founders, executive leadership, product and technical teams to ensure that they understand their market and their customers have a great experience using their digital services. 


We have extensive experience working across industry and can immediately help your team.  Ask us about:

  • Product Launch
    • Test your product or service with real users to make sure the user experience works
  • Reacting to feedback  
    • Investigate further on post launch issues and to do to fix them
  • Planning a new experience
    • Validate what user really need
  • Supporting  a hypothesis 
    • Test your theories with users to gather more quantitative evidence  

Service Offerings

We offer a wide range of usability research methods for all kinds of devices.

  • Usability / user experience lab tests (on classic PC's, smartphones, tablet PC's, and any other device)
  • Focus groups
  • Designing User Journeys 
  • Customized User Tests 
  • Ethnographic studies, contextual inquiries
  • Card sorting
  • User surveys
  • Remote usability testing
  • … and a lot more specialized user experience / usability research methods for human computer interactions (HCI)


Our UX Fellows members guarantee a high level of quality for successful research:

  • Highly qualified moderators and UX consultants
  • Flawless inter-agency communication through standardized tools and processes
  • High end technology (e.g. for screen capturing, eye tracking)
  • Remote interview viewing online
  • Contact people reachable and proficient in English
  • Professional sampling with controlled subject participation frequency
  • Adherence to the GDPR Compliance / UXPA Code of Conduct for Usability Professionals
  • Excellent recommendations and reports

Focus Areas

Social Media Analysis

Sentiment analysis, brand health tracking and strategic product decision metering 

User Research

Focus on understanding user behaviors, needs and aims through qualitative and quantitative techniques 

Product Excellence Immersion

Consulting for product teams on minimum viable product by aiming for crafted execution 

Competitor Benchmarking

Comparing business process and performance metrics to industry players. Services includes user journey mappings, functional benchmarking and survey design

Client Testimonial

" Quality Research by this team, excellent support and easiness to do business, will recommend to others"

 -   Leading EU online publisher 

"Made our life simple :-) ! We got a best in class research design & quick feedback with excellent report and amazing insights."

-  Dublin based product startup 

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